Scott Willis Piano

Scott Willis Pianist Scott is a professional pianist and keyboardist who lives in Allen, Texas (a suburb of Dallas).

His music blends virtuosity with the sensitivity and maturity that springs from a professional career grounded in myriad genres. His playing is beyond workaday musicianship. From simple, clear melodies to complex, rolling waves of textured harmonies, his music will make your event a cut above the rest.

From music of the 30's to the most present-day, ranging from ballads to upbeat and lively, he will set a mood that makes your occasion memorable and special. He can prepare any special song or arrangement, and he can even write a song especially for you.

Scott performs as a soloist on piano and/or keyboards, and can add drums, saxophone, vocalists, orchestral instruments for special songs; you name it!

Scott began playing professionally in 1978. His professional experience and background include live performance and studio work. He has recorded dozens of CD's and projects for major and indie labels, CMTV videos, ABC Sports, Warner Bros Discos (Latino), TV commercials, jingles, and has performed in large venues, small piano bars and coffee shops. He plays Pop, R&B, New Age, Country, Rock, Jazz, Ambient, Worship, Gospel, Soul, Funk, Blues, Boogie, and even a little Broadway.

He is currently a keyboardist for a mostly African-American church where he has served since 2007. He is also very comfortable with various Latino music styles, and is becoming fluent in Spanish - thanks to his wife of Mexican descent with whom he has been married since 1989.

Let Scott help you make your party, wedding, art exhibit, store opening, fund raiser, convention, retreat, corporate dinner, coffee house, restaurant, or church event a success by bringing something beyond the ordinary. You'll find him very easy to work with, and his outgoing personality will make your guests feel welcome and at home. He will help you be the perfect event planner and host!